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Thank You

Donors, your donations, whether big or small, will allow us to make a difference and end the stigma surrounding mental health. Thank you for your generosity and kindness. Thank you for not only believing in our cause, but in us, a small student-run charity. We could not be more grateful. 

Love, The Purple Hydrangea Team

Purple hydrangea backers


Joey Salem

Arlene Zonni

Hamid Sheikh

Kiri Spillan

Jacqueline Hollada-Speier

Christy Koenig

Carlos Portera-Cailliau

Louie Mercurio

Cristina Samonte

Mikki, Nina and Matt Lim





Eileen Manlapaz

Alvin Manlapaz

Drew White

Rene Meng


hydrangea backers


Daniel Spellman

Steven Staszower

Kim Le


hydrangea backers


Bryan Jung

Candace Bowers -John Erin Mitchell

Suvarna Walvekar

Jamie Pedro

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